Insurance of complete product traceability       Canning is the most popular packing in food industries for a long time.    Due to its good quality image and long shelf life, it is used for any kind of food varieties.    Our goal is to work out nutrition alternatives that satisfy the entire range of changing demands and to provide various menus.    We are giving solution that have the newest technological procedures in sight providing the preparation of safe and healthy foods    making it possible to avoid the use of preservatives.    This way we can keep pace with the changing and increasing requirements going together with the fast way of life of the modern consumer society.    We can assist our clients from cans making until the canning processing up to packaging for different vegetables in all type of sizes.    We are supplying a wide range of Vegetables in Cans, Jars, and Frozen in different packaging.       Swissco Industry have established a very strong organization controlling as well the quality from fields up to the final packaging    assuring then a perfect traceability of each product.    Our Green Garden brand is today well known already in many countries.    Our Goal is to continue the development of the brand worldwide!!
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