ADRIATIC QUEEN CANNED FISH:  Made from selected and fine products, first choice fish, prepared in different recipes, our canned fish products are today recognized in many countries for their good quality and deli taste. Under Adriatic Queen, we are interested to develop new markets.  
Sea Food :
    Here also SWISSCO IND., in partnership with manufacturers, leaders in Europe,    is producing a wide range of products derived from Seafood, Sardines, Tuna, Hake and Mackerel    under a strict control, traceability, innovative technology and original recipes.
Adriatic Queen Sardines in vegetable Oil: Sardines in vegetable oil contain carefully selected Adriatic Sardines with the addition of vegetable oil.
Adriatic Queen Sardines with Lemon 
Adriatic Queen Sardines in Tomato Sauce: Adriatic Queen sardines in tomato sauce are
Adriatic Queen Sardines with vegetables:   Sardines are excellent when combined   with other foods here they have been   enriched with vegetables.   
Adriatic Queen Sardines with Chili Peppers: Healthy and tasty Adriatic Queen sardines are enriched by the addition of hot chili peppers.
an ideal meal for those who enjoy combinations of flavor.  
Adriatic Queen Tuna fillets in vegetable Oil : Adriatic Queen Tuna fillets in vegetable oil contain hand-cut fillets of high quality  
Tuna preserved in vegetable oil. 
Adriatic Queen Tuna with vegetables: Tasty pieces of Tuna Blended with various types of vegetables make Adriatic Queen an ideal choice for a healthy and tasty meal 
Mackerel Provençale: Adriatic Queen Mackerel Provencal contains highest quality pieces of Adriatic mackerel and tasty sauce with bits of vegetables 
Mackerel Fillets in Vegetable Oil: Adriatic Queen Mackerel in vegetable oil contains Adriatic Sea Mackerel,
whose nutrients are preserved with vegetable oil  
Mackerel Picnic: Healthy diet fans will enjoy gourmet pieces of vegetables
enriched with delicious
pieces of Adriatic mackerel.  
Adriatic Queen HAKE with Mediterranean Spices: Fine pieces of Hake prepared with Mediterranean spices will delight connoisseurs of fine food. 
Adriatic Queen Fish with Vegetables: Adriatic Queen mixed fish with vegetables is a blend of the best Adriatic oily fish with vegetables, which gives a unique flavor 
Adriatic Queen Sardines in Olive Oil: Fine deli Sardines prepared in Olive Oil.  
Adriatic Queen Tuna in Olive Oil: Hand cut Tuna fillets enriched with Olive Oil are the right choice for true gourmets      
Adriatic Queen Pâté:   Adriatic Queen Pate a real delicacy that can be served with toasted bread: 3 types: Sardine, Tuna & sea bass with truffles
A NEW DELI LINE OF PRODUCTS PREPARED IN A FRENCH TRADITIONAL RECIPE Spreadable: Spreadable French deli typical recipe based and cooked with different type of Sea Food; Spreadable that can be served on Canapé toast, Bread, mini Club Sandwich, Crackers, also for starters dressed with salads and vegetables, cold pasta, can be served hot or cold and also could be added to different culinary recipes …
Bisque French creamy soup: Typical french recipe based and cooked with different type of Sea Food; It is already cooked, ready to eat and just to be heated, served with Croutons, Grilled toast or bread…
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