When nature, tradition and passion for food are joined together the result is guaranted.    Synergy of the sky land and the sea tamed in hard work working hands in ancient recipes produced a    rhapsody of tastes, smells, and colours.    With each bite Mediteranico takes you to a new journey and its intense aromas    bring a breath of Mediterranean to every comer of the world.   
Premium Jam :
   Mediteranico was founded by a young team of enthusiasts with great vision and passion for food. After searching for perfect product we developed jam recipes that taste like home made professionally produced and internationally certificated. Our jams are all natural, no artificial flavoring, aromas or colors. We use high quantities of the best quality, fresh fruit and that makes our jams top of their class. Due to quantity of fruit used our jams can be considered premium products. At the moment they come in seven regular fruit tastes (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, apricot, cherry, plum and fig) and six reduced calorie varieties (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, apricot, cherry and plum) Brand name Mediteranico was an obvious choice. We come from Mediterranean country and beauty of Mediterranean coast as well as the quality of Mediterranean food and cousin is well known around the world. Our design is recognizable, easily adaptable for any market, but it always keeps its universal Mediterranean theme.
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